Rocket Cola Studio is developing a new Educational game for kids. The Game will include an Open World 3D environment, in which the player will be free to explore, start exercises and interact with objects. The game will run on Desktop, Mobile and Tablets.

What are we searching for?

We are searching for a 3D Unity developer to create the game’s 3D environment. This will include setting up external locations(buildings, nature, city) and also internal locations(rooms, shops, building internals). You will also need to add triggers and hotspots to interact with the world, start exercises and talk with NPCs. Finally there will be a connection with a database to log the players activities and receive content.

What will you do?

  • Develop a rich Interactive 3D World
  • Develop new game features to enhance the game world
  • Collaborate with the lead developer
  • Setup scenes using prefabs
  • Setup the UI and connect it with subsystems
  • Setup world interactions with objects, hotspots, ui, events, npcs
  • Setup the player avatar, animations, customization
  • Add VFX, particles and animations
  • Add sounds and music

Mandatory requirements:

  • 5+ years professional development experience
  • 3+ years of development with Unity3D
  • Knowledge of working with 3D assets ( models, materials, textures, animations)
  • Work with established API
  • Optimization of content for Mobile devices
  • Excellent C# Knowledge
  • GIT/Bitbucket Experience
  • Work within a specified timeframe to complete each task
  • Export for Android/iOS
  • Worked in at least 1 commercially released game

Nice to have:

  • Level design, planning and creation experience
  • Basic UX knowledge
  • Back-end development
  • Database knowledge
  • Experience with Ultimate Third-Person Controller
  • Shader knowledge
  • Ability to work independently, and in a team

We offer:

  • Remote Work
  • Freelance contract
  • Salary DOE
  • Flexible working hours
  • Be part of an interesting and fun project

Apply now: [email protected]